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About the brand

How was SUAVA created?

Suava was born out of love for beauty and the need to express myself.

Suava is a great adventure for me and a combination of my various aesthetic tendencies. I have always liked to dress “in my own way”, to combine theoretically incompatible elements. My lifestyle and regular travels made me start to focus on more universal solutions that would work on many occasions but also allow me to express myself. Expanding knowledge about ecology and how we can influence our environment even with small steps led me to fabrics of natural origin and prompted me to a sustainable production process. Carefully selected fabrics will give you the comfort you deserve and will allow you to feel beautiful every day. Suava is also me and you, seeing that you got here.

Agata Matczak, the founder of the brand

suava bluzka tencel tkanina naturalnego pochodzenia zrównoważona produkcja

THE COMFORT you deserve.

Suava produces light clothing, made of quality, certified fabrics of natural origin- clothes that will make you fee

bluzka tencel suava bezowy naturalne tkaniny

THE NATURALNESS, that is in you.

Depending on your preferences, Suava products will make a comfortable work outfit and if you combine them with appropriate footwear, they will become a chic evening outfit. As soon as you get to know her, you will find out that she is irreplaceable.

RESPONSIBILITY that matters.

We create conscious and sustainable fashion, we sew locally but we think about fashion broadly and holistically.

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